Allsop 30185 Naturesmart Mousepad - Floral



Allsop is more than just a 44 year old family business. Allsop is an ideal. We connect the points between professionalism, invention and amazing people. We re always pushing the envelope and striving toward the concept of patented ingenuity within the context of our unique team culture. The Allsop family has been blessed to have hired some of the most interesting, creative, thoughtful and inspiring team mates all over the world. Artists, designers, accountants, office managers, marketing geniuses, engineers, salesmen and women and other amazingly talented and friendly team mates. Naturesmart mouse pads do not use petroleum-based materials such as EVA PVC or PU. No glue or harmful chemicals are used to attach the soft-cloth surface to the non-skid base. This naturesmart mouse pad has an Eco-base a non-skid base made with 60% natural rubber and 40% post-industrial recycled material.Dimensions: 8 L x 8.5 W x .1 H

Allsop 30185 Naturesmart Mousepad - Floral Review

Allsop 30185 Naturesmart Mousepad - Floral from Allsop is just incredible! At this 7.99 , this is must-buy product, if you want some mousepads .