Be Amazing Toys BAT7225 Amazing Spheres



Great for introducing science principles to young scientists! Just add water and watch these little clear and colored beads grow into giant jelly marbles. Before soaking sort the different colors and ask yourself science questions like How are these alike and how are they different Do you think the different colors will grow to different sizes Try it and see! Afterward you can have lots of fun playing with your experiments. Find a water-safe surface and play the slimiest game of marbles in town or try out your new jelly bouncy ball. You can even try to grow your amazing spheres in different liquids like milk vegetable oil or salt water. Use a notebook and record your hypotheses and observations! With this kit you will: - Sort hypothesize and test just like a real scientist. - Add water and watch your beads grow into giant jelly marbles that BOUNCE. - Learn about the amazing superabsorbent polymer. - Use physics magic to make the clear spheres disappear and reappear. Science Principles explored in this activity: chemistry applied chemistry physics NOTE TO PARENTS: This is a great kit for teaching science principles and skills to young scientists. The fun colorful experiments capture the attention of the youngest science explorers and children gain confidence observational skills and the ability to follow-through with tasks as they set up experiments wait for them to be completed and record their experience by writing or drawing. You can easily incorporate the scientific method to principles learned by experimenting with your Clear Spheres. Be sure to act as a learning facilitator: encourage questions and dont have all of the answers. Instead say things like Im not sure what will happen-lets try it and see! Amazing spheres are safe to poke&#

Be Amazing Toys BAT7225 Amazing Spheres Review

I have got one two weeks ago. I can say it is one of the best BE AMAZING TOYS/STEVE SPANGLER in the branch. I am absolutely satisfied.