BSA The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Audiobook CD



Just what did boys do in a small Midwestern town during the mid-1800s a time when there were no televisions no arcades and no videos They whitewashed fences floated down rivers traded marbles formed secret societies smoked pipes and on occasion managed to attend their own funerals. Yes they may have been a bit mischievous but as Aunt Polly said of Tom when she believed him to be dead "He was the best-hearted boy that ever was." Aunt Polly's sentiments reveal a cardinal tenet of Twain's philosophy: In this deceitful and infirm world innocence can be found only in the heart of a boy.Features.Publisher - Blackstone Audio Inc.; Unabridged edition (July 1 2008) .Language - English.About the Author.Mark twain pseudonym of Samuel L. Clemens (1835-1910) was born in Florida Missouri. A printer and later a Mississippi riverboat pilot he adopted his pen name from riverboat lingo for water two fathoms deep. His masterpieces about Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn are classic humorous writings that also provide a graphic picture of nineteenth-century America.

BSA The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Audiobook CD Review

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