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There is a power lying hidden in mankind. With it any person can rise to higher and better things in life. Within You Is the Power is a tool to help people harness their inner powers of mind and spirit wisely so that they may build up character. There is no way to avoid troubled times; everyone must face lifes difficulties. But when conflict rears its head there is no need to feel overwhelmed. Once you have learned the secret of your identity with the Universal Life and Power you can weather any storm that comes your way. To wish for an easy life would be to wish for disaster. For it is through the hard times that we become the people we are meant to be.About the AuthorHENRY THOMAS HAMBLIN (1873-1958) was born into a poor family in London. Determined to overcome his humble origins he eventually became a successful business man but it didn't satisfy him. Struggling with depression visions and night terrors throughout his life he later became a mystic and New Thought author.FeaturesSeries - Made for Success CollectionsPublisher - Made for Success Inc. and Blackstone Audio Inc.; Unabridged edition (May 1 2013) Language - English

BSA Within You Is The Power - Audiobook CD Review

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