Household Essentials 288 Clothesline Spreader-Plastic



Dismiss tangled clotheslines for good with the Clothesline Spreader. Designed for use with pulley systems this spreader features polypropylene wheels and frame that prevent wear on your line and keep it twist free. The lightweight plastic is weather resistant and wont cause undue sagging so your line stays taut and untangled. Hang laundry without the bother of first unknotting your line and find some other use for those precious minutes (or hours depending on wind conditions) . Keeps lines apart prevents twists and tangles. Polypropylene wheel protects line from wear. Polypropylene frame.

Household Essentials 288 Clothesline Spreader-Plastic Review

My best clotheslines & clothespins EVER! I love everything from Household Essentials!