MAXELL 190059 DVD Laser Lens Cleaner



Lens cleaner is designed for DVD players. Design features a Thunderon Brush System and interactive on-screen instructions in eight languages. Equipment setup and enhancement features are ideal for home theater. Easy to use. Simply insert in player or game station. Lens cleaner may be used on game players. Playstation and Xbox may require remote control. Features: Features Thunderon Brush SystemEquipment set up & enhancement features (ideal for home theater) Interactive on-screen instructions in 8 languagesMay be used on game players (Playstation and Xbox; may require remote control) Compatibility: DVD player Product Type Lens: Cleaner

MAXELL 190059 DVD Laser Lens Cleaner Review

I love all MAXELL products, they are easy to use and the prices are excelent. Especially MAXELL 190059 DVD Laser Lens Cleaner is wonderful just for 17.15.