Melody House MH-D14 Multiplication Motivation- CD



Let us help you Rock The Day Away with our fun educational music as well as other unique and exciting products that are sure to be a Big Hit in your classroom or living room. Our very own Monkey Mitt Storytelling Sets will take your song or story time to the next level. Dr. Jean CDs and Resource Books contain easy-to-learn tunes and ideas perfect for any early childhood setting and cover a multitude of curriculum areas. Award winning childrens songwriter and performer Stephen Fite is constantly creating fun learning and movement tunes for you and your kids. Be sure to boogie on over to his Tour Calendar to find out where hell be bringing his far-out concert Its Groovy Great To Educate. This years tour is gonna be out of sight! This one-of-a-kind recording was created to aid the teacher in making the memorization of the multiplication tables exciting for students through the use of movement activities and skip-counting songs. Lyrics and instructions included. Song Titles: 1. The Twos Stroll. 2. The Circle of Threes. 3. The Fours Hop. 4. The Alive Fives. 5. The Sixes Surprise. 6. The Waltzing Sevens. 7. The Boogie Woogie Eights. 8. The Nines Blues. 9. The Tens Promenade. Tracks/Music Only: 10. The Twos Stroll. 11. The Circle of Threes. 12. The Fours Hop. 13. The Alive Fives. 14. The Sixes Surprise. 15. The Waltzing Sevens. 16. The Boogie Woogie Eights. 17. The Nines Blues. 18. The Tens Promenade.

Melody House MH-D14 Multiplication Motivation- CD Review

This is a great and very usefull MELODY HOUSE Melody House MH-D14 Multiplication Motivation- CD. The quality is good but not best. I didnt expect that quality at all for that 15.84.