Resource International 8050421 Cargo Naturals Shelf Box- Nutmeg



Acid Free & Earth FriendlyWhat type of material is used to produce cargo products- Our material is an exclusive paper fiberboard made of 100% post consumer waste paper. Paper fiberboard can be considered one of the first recycled materials. We use this fiberboard for our cargo Naturals Classic Cool & Moderne Collections. Why is our fiberboard earth friendly- It is made of 100% post consumer recycled waste paper materials; and it is recyclable. A single sheet of recycled paper saves 15g of wood. Saving trees is vital to our environment. According to the International Society of Arboriculture (treesaregood) the benefits of trees include producing oxygen removing pollutants such as ozone moderating climate temperature and protecting wildlife. In addition our manufacturing is ISO 14001 certified and follows international environmental standards for producing paper fiberboard product based on environmental goals for a clean environment. Why is our fiberboard acid free- It is considered acid free because the board is neutral as a result of a buffering process. The boards have a pH value in the range of 7.3 to 7.6 and considered neutral because the pH is between 6 and 8. A substance that is acidic has a pH of 6 or less and basic with a pH over 8. Acid free means it is safe for photos and other keepsakes. What is paper fiberboard- It is not cardboard or corrugated. Our fiberboard is manufactured from waste paper such as corrugated cardboard and newspaper. Waste paper is mixed with water and compression molding produces sheets of board stock. Natural resin alum and color pigments may be added. All materials/products meet the latest CPSI requirements. The physical properties of our fiberboard are different from corrugated and cardboard. Most important is its impact strength. The fibers in combination with the compression molding make the fiberboard very durable and thanks to the resilience and tenacity of the material it

Resource International 8050421 Cargo Naturals Shelf Box- Nutmeg Review

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