Sea Gull Lighting 96118S-33 Lx Led Frosted Festoon Lamp - 3000K 12V



Its a snap to upgrade existing xenon linear systems to energy saving money saving lighting. No need to replace or re-invest in your entire system. The LED festoon is an opportunity to retrofit or replace traditional under-the-counter systems and fills the need to providegreen lighting solutions. Listings: ETL Listed for Damp Locations CETL Listed for Damp Locations. Applications: Task and accent lighting for undercabinet coves toe-kick spaces and so much more. Directional nature of LED is ideal for in-cabinet lighting. Retrofit/Remodel Installations for Magnetic Transformer Systems - JUST REPLACE THE LAMP. Compatible as a retrofit for existing Lx xenon lamp and compatible xenon lamp systems. Note: The unique design of the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) makes over voltage due to under capacity a non-issue. Retrofit/Remodel Installations for Electronic Transformer Systems. 60w zero-load LED driver available for replacing electronic transformers due to minimum load requirement. Available drivers: 96223S-12 and 96223S-15. Ease of installation. Ease of retrofit/remodel. Bendable/flexibility of the system. Dimmability: Dimmable with standard incandescent dimming switch. AFit and Forget Solution: Offering 35000 hours of useful life (equivalent to 30 years at 20 hours of use per week) . Efficacy Warm White: 40 Lumens/Watt. Color Rendering: 4000K - CRI 85+. LED Festoon Product Line Options and Features: 12v and 24v. Warm (3000K) . Cool (4000K) . Clear lens for optimal performance. Frosted lens to reduce glare. Color-coded PCB to visually distinguish between warm and cool color temperature LED festoons. Color-coded end-caps to identify 12v (white) and 24v (black) . 0.6W (12v) . The advanced LED technology in Sea Gull Lighting products is carefully designed and

Sea Gull Lighting 96118S-33 Lx Led Frosted Festoon Lamp - 3000K 12V Review

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