Sierra 72337 Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich



Take on the original...Axis of Evil! Product Information When Nuclear Winter returns with a plot to destroy Freedom Force and the free world gamings greatest heroes must team up with a flurry of fresh faces! As the sinister Soviets plan unfurls Patriot Citys finest find themselves flung through time into the greatest conflict the planet has seen: World War 2! As if Freedom Force didnt have enough enemies - Blitzkrieg Red Sun and Fortissimo launch an all-out assault on history. With an army of new villains including the entire Third Reich the axis powers stand as the greatest threat Freedom Force and the world have ever seen. Product Features New threats call for new heroes to rise. As Nuclear Winter returns with a diabolical gambit to threaten the free world three new silver age heroes Tombstone Green Genie and Quetzacoatl step up to help thwart evil. Freedom Force finds themselves transported to war-torn Europe circa WWII! The team will have to make an alliance with Sky King Black Jack and Tricolour three Golden Age heroes willing to sacrifice everything to save the world from the original axis of evil! Create your own comic battles with story-based multiplayer. Play as a giant titan in fully destructible environments. Real-time shadows dynamic lights and more new rendering features. Create your own hero with the amazing Hero Editor. The follow-up to both IGNs and Computer Gaming Worlds strategy game of the year 2002! Story-based multiplayer All new villains Radically enhanced graphics visual effects and environmen

Sierra 72337 Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich Review

Great durability of the SIERRA products. I would buy Sierra 72337 Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich again!