Sunny Glow Foundation - Natural Veil



Fully formulated with natural ingredients, this product combines the lightness of a sunny powder with the coverage of a foundation.It respects the skin and lets it breathe.Used over the entire face, it offers an extraordinary and new sunny foundation finish. Used on the protuberant parts of the face, it provides a tanned touch. It contains soothing organic sweet almond oil and a combination of minerals specifically selected for their properties: light-reflecting, coverage, etc.This foundation should be applied with a brush using small circular movements.Comfortable and ultra-soft when applied, it won't harm even the most sensitive skins.0.14 oz. Jar / 4 g

Sunny Glow Foundation - Natural Veil Review

This is the best Yves Rocher product I've ever had! I love Sunny Glow Foundation - Natural Veil!