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"Radiate beauty with your favorite day cream! The Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream deeply nourishes the skin. It also smoothes and softens mature skins for a younger, more beautiful appearance. Its rich formula releases the ideal dosage of beneficial Oils to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.Result: skin is soft and well hydrated throughout the day.The Plus: it feels like a true caress on the skin.Discover our precious Oils: the Wrinkle Smoothing Day Cream includes a unique combination of 30 precious Oils selected for their excellence. Rich in anti-aging essentials, it gives the skin the nutrition and the ultimate renewal it needs.96%* of women reported "" My skin is perfectly nourished "".1.6 fl.oz. / 50 ml Jar*Usage test carried out on 28 volunteers over 4 weeks, under dermatological supervision."

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